Claudia Miranda in CNN Chile: “We need to hear the carers’ voice and learn about their reality”

Captura de pantalla de Claudia Miranda en CNN Chile
MICARE Director Claudia Miranda spoke about the importance of self-care for the physical and mental health of caregivers in Chile. Here the full interview.

By Gabriela Campillo.

Who performs caregiving tasks in our country? How has the pandemic affected this population group? MICARE’s director and academic at Universidad Andrés Bello, Claudia Miranda, referred to this issue in an interview with CNN Chile.

Taking care of the carers

The first aspect to be addressed must consider “physical and mental health prevention and treatment for caregivers”, said Claudia Miranda, who explained that this requires public policies that provide timely help.

“This group requires self-care in order to provide good care. This is an issue that should be prioritized at the country level”, said the MICARE director.

See the full interview here:
Evidence- and experience-based policies

How to care for carers? Through what policies and/or programs

In this regard, our director Claudia Miranda has a clear position: it is our duty to rely on the experience of the carers themselves.

‘We may have scientifically proven interventions in other parts of the world, but we have to implement them in our reality. For that, we need to hear the voices of carers and learn about their reality’.

Claudia Miranda, MICARE director.

Read the article published by CNN Chile here.