Evidence-based psychoeducational program in family carers of people with dementia


Main researcher: Dr Claudia Miranda, director of MICARE

Co-researcher: Dr Andrea Slachevsky

Funding: ANID – FONDECYT REGULAR 1141279

Stage: Publication of final results

General aim: To implement and evaluate, through a randomized controlled trial, the effectiveness of a psycho-educational program based on the evidence-based psychoeducational program in a group of family caregivers of people with dementia.

Specific aims:

1. To determine whether there are significant differences in dysfunctional thoughts about caregiving, frequency of pleasant activities, quality of life and depressive and anxious symptomatology between family caregivers receiving the psychoeducational program and those in the control group.

2. To determine the degree of adherence and satisfaction of family caregivers concerning the psychoeducational program.

3. To determine whether the effect of the psychoeducational program correlates with the degree of adherence to the intervention.

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