7 movies about care, ageing, and intellectual disabilities

Foto de una claqueta de películas y un pocillo con cabritas sobre una mesa
We asked our MICARE researchers and research associates to recommend films and documentaries that, in one way or another, have inspired their work around care research. See the full list below.

By Gabriela Campillo.

The Father (2020)

Fotograma de la película The Father donde se ve a un padre mayor discutiendo con su hija de mediana edad.
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It tells the story of a father with dementia and his daughter. The film shows the perspective of the person who has the disease, and how it impacts the family caregiver.

Recommended by Claudia Miranda, MICARE Director.

Champions (Campeones, 2018)

Fotograma de la película Campeones donde se ve un grupo de 9 hombres con discapacidad intelectual.
Image credits: Espacio Fundación Telefónica

A basketball coach works with a team of players with intellectual disabilities as part of his community service. Directed by Spanish director Javier Fesser.

Recommended by Marcela Tenorio, MICARE Alternate Director.

Deej (2018)

Fotograma del documental Deej donde se ve a un joven caminando por una calle con muchos árboles y pasto al rededor.
Image credits: Deej Movie (official site)

David James (DJ) Savarese, who is a non-speaking autistic person, finds a family that helps him learn to communicate. The documentary chronicles his path to activism.

Recommended by Andrés Aparicio, MICARE Research Associate.

Elsa & Fred (2005)

Fotograma de la película Elsa y Fred que muestra a una mujer mayor sosteniendo un gato bebé junto a un hombre mayor. Ambos caminan de noche por una calle.
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Fred, a serious and conventional widower, meets his neighbour Elsa, 82 years old, full of vitality and imagination. Both will discover that the time they have left is the best thing they have.

Recommended by Alejandra Araya, MICARE Research Associate.

What do you have under your hat? (¿Qué tienes debajo del sombrero?, 2006)

Fotograma del documental que muestra a una mujer manipulando un tejido muy grande con sus manos.
Image credits: Red Aragón

The documentary tells the story of Judith Scott, an American sculptor with Down’s Syndrome and deafness, who receives international recognition after 36 years.

Recommended by Vanessa Vega, MICARE Research Associate.

Still Alice (2014)

Fotograma de la película que muestra a una mujer sentada en un sillón en su casa, con la mirada perdida en señal de confusión.
Image credits: FilmAffinity

It tells the life of a woman with Alzheimer’s and her family, showing both points of view around the progression of the disease, caregiving, and family relationships.

Recommended by Paulina Arango, MICARE Research Associate.

Amour (2012)

Fotograma de la película Amour que muestra a una mujer mayor en una cama siendo ayudada por un hombre mayor.
Image credits: DM Talkies

Georges and Anne’s happy married life comes to a halt when Anne suffers a stroke. Georges must do everything possible to help her. Directed by Michael Haneke.

Recommended by M. Beatriz Fernández, MICARE Research Associate.


Fotogramas de las películas El Agente Topo y Los Niños. A la izquierda se ve un hombre mayor con un celular y a la derecha se ven dos personas con síndrome de down con copas de champaña en un parque.
Image credits: ADN Radio and BBC Mundo

As for Chilean cinema, we recommend the films The Mole Agent (El Agente Topo, 2020) and The Grown-Ups (Los Niños, 2016), both directed by Maite Alberdi.