Spokespersons’ Office: For the rights of persons with disabilities

Foto de los cuatro voceros MICARE sonriendo de pie.
Our Spokepersons’ Office consists of four people with intellectual disabilities and other neurodevelopmental disorders (IDD), together with a facilitator. We invite you to meet the entire team!

By Gabriela Campillo.

What is the MICARE Spokespersons’ Office?

The MICARE Spokespersons’ Office consists of different spokespersons who represent the collective of people with intellectual disabilities and other neurodevelopmental disorders (IDD). They are our experts by experience, because at MICARE we believe that the best way to conduct research is FROM the people to whom we owe our work.

What do MICARE spokespersons do?

They support research, validate Easy-to-Read texts, propose communication topics and, above all, represent this group in the defense and promotion of their rights. Let their voices be heard!

These are the members of our MICARE Spokespersons’ Office:

Gonzalo Osorio, Spokesperson

“Let civil society learn to listen to us as spokespersons, because if they listen to us and support us, they will accept people with disabilities and stop excluding us.”

Carolina Lucero, Spokesperson

“I hope to be able to train myself so that I can teach other people with disabilities that they too can be spokespersons and stand up for their rights.”

Felipe Pierret, Spokesperson

“I hope to represent the collective of people with disabilities and get society to support us and not discriminate against us.”

Ricardo Pizarro, Spokesperson

“I want to be a voice for people who need to be heard, who can have more opportunities and participate in public policy.”

Teresita Lira, Dynamizer

“I hope to contribute and provide all the necessary support so that the spokespersons continue to develop as self-advocates, finding the motivation and tools to fight for their rights.”

We wish every success to the MICARE Spokesperson’s Office! Here are some photos of the team:

Foto del equipo completo de vocerías de pie sobre el pasto, en un parque.
The entire MICARE Spokesperson’s Office team. From left to right: Felipe Pierret, Carolina Lucero, Gonzalo Osorio, Teresita Lira, and Ricardo Pizarro.

Foto de los voceros MICARE y los asociados de las líneas de discapacidad y tecnología, sonriendo. De fondo se ve un parque y cerros.
Photo of the MICARE Spokespersons together with the research associates of the Intellectual Disability and Technology lines. From left to right, front: Felipe Pierret, Carolina Lucero, Ricardo Pizarro, and Gonzalo Osorio. Back: Andrés Aparicio, Marcela Tenorio, Paulina Arango, and Vanessa Vega.