We did it! The project of the new Constitution will be in Easy-to-Read

Ilustración de las manos de una persona sosteniendo un libro abierto
This represents a great step for our Institute, after we presented evidence and experiences in this regard in the Communications and Human Rights commissions of the Constitutional Convention.

By Gabriela Campillo.

The project of the new Constitution will be in Easy-to-Read!

This will allow real accessibility for all people with comprehension difficulties: people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, older people with cognitive impairment, non-native Spanish speakers, among others.

At MICARE we are very happy for this achievement after we presented on this issue at the Constitutional Convention on August 18 with our alternate director Marcela Tenorio and our spokesperson Ricardo Pizarro.

“Once the draft Constitution has been drawn up, an edition that complies with the international standard for Easy-to-Read must be prepared, in Braille format, in Spanish, in English and in the languages of the pre-existing peoples and nations that is possible, multi-format and maximum diffusion”.

General Regulations of the Constitutional Convention of Chile.
Diario Oficial de la República de Chile. October 13, 2021.

This is excellent news for inclusion and accessibility in the way of a new Constitution for Chile!

Did you know that our website is also available in Easy-to-Read? (for now, only in Spanish).

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