Persistence of the norm of filial obligation among Chilean adults


This article was published by our associate researcher María Beatriz Fernández, together with María Soledad Herrera, senior researcher at MICARE.

Norms of filial obligation can predict how and whether children provide support to their ageing parents.

Using a nationally representative sample, this study describes the degree to which Chilean adults adhere to these norms, and analyses which variables are associated with their degree of adherence to these norms.

Main results:

– It was found that adults are more likely to adhere to these norms when their parents require special care.

– Younger adults and those with fewer family responsibilities are more likely to adhere to these norms, as do people who are more educated and those who identify with a religious belief.

– Reciprocity in parent-child relationships also predict greater adherence.

Foto de un hombre adulto junto a su padre mayor