We successfully held the first meeting of DiscaRed

Foto de la mano de una persona junto a un computador portátil. En la pantalla se ven rostros de muchas personas en videollamada.
On October 12, we met for the first time with disability researchers, as part of a joint initiative between MICARE and DisPar Fondecyt. What did we achieve? Read it here.

By Gabriela Campillo.

After the first call through our social networks, last Tuesday, October 12, 2021, we had our first DiscaRed meeting: the network of researchers in disability.

45 researchers met through Zoom and identified a general goal:

“Give impetus to the Disability Studies area in Chile, generating a space for active dialogue that allows us to consolidate ourselves and become actors of strong interference in the public sphere.”

DiscaRed’s main goal.
In addition, we discovered that we are a very diverse team:
  • 30% of those who participate are from different regions of Chile or from other countries.
  • 70% is from the Metropolitan Region of Chile.
  • 23% of the members of DiscaRed are people with disabilities.
  • The areas of Psychology and Sociology (17%) predominate, followed by Occupational Therapy (11%).
  • 38% have research funds.

Próximos pasos y desafíos

After the first meeting, we were very motivated to continue advancing and we agreed on a series of commitments.

We will create a mailing list and database, and we are also looking for a volunteer to manage DiscaRed’s Facebook.

Lastly, our researchers prepared this infographic that summarizes the first meeting:

Any questions or want to participate? Write to and we will respond as soon as possible.