Carers will have preferential health care

Foto de enfermera tomando el pulso a una persona, al lado hay un estetoscopio
Yesterday, Law 21.380 was officially published, which recognises carers the right to preferential health care. Read all the details here.

By Gabriela Campillo.

The purpose of Law 21.380 is to incorporate carers as holders of the right to be treated preferentially and in a timely manner by any provider of health actions, according to the National Congress Library of Chile.

Specifically, this law modifies article 5 bis of law 20.584 (which regulates the rights and duties of people in relation to their health care) and broadens the scope of this right, which was originally established only in favour of older people and people with disabilities.

“A carer shall be understood as any person who, for free or remunerated, provides assistance or care, temporary or permanent, to carry out activities of daily living, to people with disabilities or dependence, whether or not they are linked by ties of kinship”.

Article 5 quater. Law 21.380.
National Congress Library of Chile.

For its application, the law in its transitory article grants a period of two months, counted from its publication on October 21, to adapt the regulations, especially regarding the way of accrediting the quality of carers, and their rights and duties in the exercise of their activities.