Join us at our official launch on November 8!

Flyer of the event
With a Launch Seminar on Monday, November 8, followed by a Cycle of Keynote Talks from November 9 to 12, we will officially present the work of our Millennium Institute for Care Research. Will you join us?

By Gabriela Campillo.

With the hashtag #PorElCuidado (#ForCare) we will take the big step of officially launching our institute. 🚀

We will begin on Monday, November 8, with a Launch Seminar with presentations by our director Claudia Miranda and our alternate director Marcela Tenorio.

The moderators will be Rubén Araneda, representing the people with intellectual disabilities, and María Cristina Rivera, carer of a dependent older person.

When? At 11:30 AM (Santiago de Chile, GMT-3)

Where? Live on our Facebook: @micare.chile

Keynote Talks Cycle

Because we want the whole week to be painted with the colours of MICARE, we will continue with a Cycle of Keynote Talks in charge of each line of research.

Find the full program of our talks HERE:

Talk 1 – Tuesday, November 9 – 11:30 am (Santiago de Chile, GMT-3)

Afiche de la charla 1. Aspectos socioculturales del cuidado y perspectiva del curso de vida. Presenta: María Beatriz Fernández. Comentan: Elaine Acosta y María Nieves Rico.

Talk 2 – Wednesday, November 10 – 11:30 am (Santiago de Chile, GMT-3)

flyer of the event

Talk 3 – Thursday, November 11 – 11:30 am (Santiago de Chile, GMT-3)

Afiche de la charla 3. Cuidado versus acompañamiento en torno a la discapacidad intelectual y del desarrollo. Presentan: Marcela Tenorio, Paulina Arango y Vanessa Vega. Comentan: Carolina Lucero y María José López.

Talk 4 – Friday, November 12 – 11:30 am (Santiago de Chile, GMT-3)

Afiche de la charla 4. Presenta Andrés Aparicio. Comentan Paula Miranda y Jorge Browne.

All our will count with a Chilean sign language interpreter and will be broadcast live on our Facebook @micare.chile. See you there!