Did you miss it? Watch our MICARE launching activities!

Imagen que muestra una mano sosteniendo un globo de diálogo, sobre un fondo amarillo
From November 8 to 11 we held the official launch of our MICARE institute. Watch here the transmissions of the inaugural seminar and the Keynote Talks.

By Gabriela Campillo.

Launch Seminar – Monday, November 8

Keynote Talk 1 “Sociocultural aspects of care and life-course perspective” – Tuesday, November 9

Keynote Talk 2 “Informal and formal care in dependent older people” – Wednesday, November 10

Keynote Talk 3 “Care versus companionship in the context of intellectual and developmental disabilities” – Thursday, November 11

Keynote Talk 4 “Technology and care” – Friday, November 12