VIDEO: What is Assisted Voting and how to enforce this right

Ilustración que muestra a distintas personas mayores, con discapacidad, acompañantes y cuidadores, sonriendo. Sobre ellas se lee: Ley número veinte mil ciento ochenta y tres. Ley de voto asistido
Did you know that Law 20,183 allows Assisted Voting for older people and people with disabilities, if they require it? Read all the details in this article.

By Gabriela Campillo.

Illustrated video that explains what Assisted Voting is and who can make use of this right. Realization: Productora M.

Law 20,183, enacted in 2007, allows Assisted Voting for those who need it, giving wide possibilities of accompaniment and assistance when voting. For more information, we invite you to watch this video made by our Millennium Institute for Care Research, MICARE, with the support of SENAMA and SENADIS.

What is Assisted Voting and how to access it?

To make use of this right, people must inform the president of the voting table.

Those who need to enter the secret chamber with a companion can do so after informing the president of the voting table. This companion must be a person of the trust of the voter: it can be a family member, a friend or a carer, over 18 years of age.

If the person is unaccompanied, they can request assistance from the president of the voting table.

Likewise, if the person comes in a stretcher or a wheelchair, they can vote outside the chamber, and the secrecy of the vote will be ensured.

For those who cannot sign the voting register, they can stamp their right thumbprint or, failing that, any other finger.

Blind or visually impaired persons can request the voting template with grooves or Braille system.

Deaf people can request Assisted Voting through sign language or in writing.

People with intellectual disabilities can request Assisted Voting if they need it.

The Identity Card or the Passport are the only valid documents during the elections. The disability card does not serve this purpose.

Finally, the carers will have preferential attention for voting and will be able to report this situation to the president of the voting table.