Care in the political agenda: proposals of the presidential candidates in Chile


The issue of care has been largely absent from the political agenda in recent years. However, in the current campaign, 6 of the 7 Chilean presidential candidates include proposals to address the issue of care.

In this context, Pablo Villalobos, PhD in Public Health and adjunct researcher at MICARE, leads an investigation together with Trinidad Alliende, surgeon and Master in Public Health, which aims to describe the way in which the topic of care has permeated the programs and proposals that the different candidates offer to the country, facing the presidential elections of November 21, 2021, in Chile.

This document presents the results of the first stage of the research and provides a systematization of the presidential candidates’ proposals regarding care. The content does not represent an analysis, but the mere reproduction of the proposals and communities identified throughout each programmatic proposal.

To ensure the understanding of this document by a greater number of voters, a work team convened by MICARE and made up of Marcela Tenorio (MICARE’s alternate director), Jaime Turull and Ricardo Pizarro (MICARE’s spokesperson), has adapted the contents of the document to Easy-To-Read. This version is also accessible for blind persons.

Foto que muestra la mano de una persona mayor sobre la palma de la mano de una persona más joven