We received the “Commitment UANDES” award!

Foto de Marcela Tenorio recibiendo el premio de Compromiso UAndes junto a una mujer que se lo entrega.
Our institute received this award from Universidad de los Andes, which recognises the research work and contribution to the country carried out under the ANID Centres.

By Gabriela Campillo.

On Wednesday, November 24, our alternate director Marcela Tenorio, academic at the School of Psychology of the Universidad de los Andes, received the “Commitment UAndes” award granted by this university, after presenting our institute at the conference “From universities to Chile”, which was also attended by the Minister of Social Development, Karla Rubilar, and the Minister of the Environment, Javier Naranjo.

This recognition received by MICARE values our work in care research, from the people and for public policies, under the Millennium Initiative of the ANID Centres and our three host universities: Universidad Andrés Bello, Universidad de los Andes, and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso.

Our spokesperson Ricardo Pizarro also participated in the activity. He shared his experience as a person with intellectual disabilities and the challenges that this group faces in Chile.

Picture of Ricardo Pizarro standing on a stage.
Foto de nuestro vocero, Ricardo Pizarro.
You can watch the presentations of Ricardo Pizarro and Marcela Tenorio on this video:
Conference “From the universities to Chile”, attended by our spokesperson Ricardo Pizarro and our alternate director Marcela Tenorio.