Improving Long-Term Care Facilities’ Crisis Response: Lessons From the COVID-19 in Chile


This research article was published by Josefa Palacios, Maureen Neckelmann; Pablo Villalobos, MICARE’s young researcher; and Jorge Browne, MICARE’s young researcher.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit Chile hard and affected older people the most. This research identified the challenges and lessons from the COVID-19 response in long-term care facilities (LTCF) with respect to the support received, the implementation of infection control measures, workforce challenges experienced and the measures adopted to promote residents’ wellbeing.

Main findings: Managers highlight common challenges during the crisis: limited personal protective equipment (PPE) availability, staff shortages, low quality of replacement staff, among others. Managers share a common demand for a more coordinated response from public institutions and they recognize that the pandemic and the measures implemented to mitigate it negatively affected staff morale and residents’ wellbeing.

These findings are relevant to assess the COVID-19 response and to better prepare for another wave or similar threats in the future.

Foto de una mujer mayor en silla de ruedas junto a dos cuidadoras formales. Una de ellas toma notas y le hace preguntas