Claudia Miranda: “Care must be a fundamental right established in the Constitution”

Captura de pantalla de Claudia exponiendo por videollamada en la Convención Constitucional de Chile
Our MICARE director, Claudia Miranda, spoke at the Constitutional Convention on “Care as a fundamental right”. Check out her presentation here!

By Gabriela Campillo.

“We know very little about the situation of care in Chile because there is not enough evidence. However, we do know that the majority of carers are women and older people, with low levels of education and less labour participation”, explained our MICARE director, Claudia Miranda, in her presentation addressed to the Commission on Fundamental Rights of the Constitutional Convention, last Thursday, December 2.

In her presentation, Claudia spoke from her position as a researcher but also as a mother and carer of her son Ariel, who lives with a disability. “He has been able to develop thanks to the support he has received, but what happens to all the families that do not have these supports guaranteed?”, reflected the director of our institute.

Care must be a fundamental right established in the Constitution. It must be coordinated with the different sectors of society, generating a policy that includes mental and physical health, labour flexibility, special education and care for the elderly”, concluded Claudia Miranda.