Ageing stereotypes among health professionals in Chile during the pandemic


Paper published by Francisca Ortiz (MICARE’s postdoctoral researcher) and Agnieszka Bozanic (GeroActivismo Foundation).

This article evaluates the explicit negative and positive stereotypes about ageing among health professionals considering the presence of COVID-19 in Chile.

The results show that health professionals have a specific image of ageing, highlighting positive stereotypes (capable, active, wise, positive, caring, family-centred) over negative stereotypes (wrinkled, slow walking and sick).

It is concluded that there are some indicators of age discrimination among health professionals, according to the attributes of those who responded.

Thus, useful information is provided on discrimination against the ageing population in Chile.

Foto de una mujer profesional de la salud con mascarilla, que ayuda a caminar a una mujer mayor también con mascarilla. Ambas están en un pasillo de un centro de salud.