Scale to evaluate motives of use and Internet addiction


This article was published by our postdoctoral researcher, Javiera Rosell, with Alvaro Vergés, David Torres Irribarra, Sofía Sepúlveda‑Caro and Karina Flores.

The research consisted of validating a scale to assess motives for Internet use that would be useful for adults of all ages, showing that it can be used with older people. 50% of the sample were people over 60 years of age.

Among the main findings of the study, a significant association was observed between the motives of “coping”, “enhancement” and “utility” with Internet addiction.

The questionnaire of Internet use motives (MUI) was proved as a useful tool for a reliable evaluation of motives for Internet use in the Spanish-speaking population.

Foto de una mujer mayor tocando la pantalla de un teléfono smartphone.