VIDEO: Children talk about care

Captura de pantalla que muestra los rostros de distintas niñas y niños que hablan en el video.

By Natalia Correa.

We all have taken care of someone at some point in our lives. It is a task that requires love and dedication. At MICARE, we understand care as routine activities that allow us to respond to things that the other person needs, which can be psychological, physical, social, economic, educational, among others.

Because all voices and opinions are valuable and deserve to be heard, we wanted to ask children of different ages what caring means to them and why it is important.

Some of the answers they gave us for the first question are: “caring is loving”, “protecting and giving love”, “it is protecting the people you love” and “it is to care about a person, animal or nature”. In addition, they recognize that they are cared for by their families and that they, in turn, practice caring for their pets.

When answering why care is important, they told us “taking care of some means they don’t get hurt”, “because that way you can live on Earth, here all the people take care of each other”, “if a person is very sick and there is nobody to take care of them, they are going to die.” They all identified care as a key activity for the other person’s wellbeing.

Watch the full video here: (in Spanish, with subtitles and Chilean Sign Language)

This video is exclusive to MICARE. Realization: Bonsai Films. All children are protected by an informed and signed consent for the portrayal and use of their image.