MICARE and PUCV seminar highlights the importance of experts by experience

Captura de pantalla que muestra a cuatro mujeres en una transmisión por Zoom.

By Natalia Correa.

“Researching together: new ways of doing research with women with intellectual disabilities” is the name of the seminar organized by the Millennium Institute for Care Research (MICARE) and sponsored by the PUCV School of Pedagogy.

The virtual event was moderated by Vanessa Vega, MICARE’s associate researcher, and included the participation of Carolina Lucero, MICARE’s spokesperson, Andrea Maturana, PUCV researcher, and Pamela Soto, researcher at the Education Center for Inclusive Research.

At the seminar, Carolina Lucero highlighted the need and importance of scientific research that addresses disability issues being carried out together with people with intellectual disabilities, who are experts by experience on the subject.

“People with disabilities are vital to this discussion (…) If we are going to ask ourselves questions about inclusive research and how to carry it out, we need people who can tell us what to ask, how to ask,” explains Pamela Soto.

In addition, they discussed the obstacles they have had as women with intellectual disabilities to enter the world of research.

“We get together every week to talk about issues such as violence, abuse or discrimination. We are raising the voice of women, because many times we have been treated like objects,” says Andrea Maturana.

Watch the full seminar here:

Video of the seminar “Investigando juntas: Nuevas formas de investigar con mujeres con discapacidad intelectual”.