Ethnography of an Older Women’s Club in Santiago


This publication was made by Francisca Ortiz (MICARE postdoctoral researcher), Herminia Gonzálvez (MICARE young researcher) and Menara Lube Guizardi. It was a study on ageing, gender and the social dynamics that form around care in a ceramics course for older women taught by a community centre in Santiago Centro (Chile).

The article was on the cover of the 95th volume of Anthropological Quarterly, an important scientific journal that addresses issues of social and cultural anthropology, published by the Ethnographic Research Institute of the George Washington University, in the United States.

The ethnography lasted three years and was able to verify the existence of a political dimension of care, evidenced in the collective organization that this group of women had. The club formed a space that satisfied their care needs that were not met by the State or by private institutions.

Foto de la portada de la revista AQ que muestra una foto en blanco y negro de mujeres mayores en una peluquería.