MICARE starts course for professionals of “Mejor Niñez” service

Foto de un grupo de personas asistentes a la clase, dentro de una sala. Al fondo se ve una proyección con el logo de MICARE.

By Natalia Correa.

On May 17, the first class of the new course on intellectual disability was held by the Millennium Institute for Care Research (MICARE). This educational program seeks to train carers that work with children and adolescents of the National Specialised Protection Service for Children and Adolescents “Mejor Niñez”.

Our alternate director Marcela Tenorio, our associates Paulina Arango and Andrés Aparicio, and our associate researcher Pablo Marshall participated in this first session.

“At MICARE we are happy to contribute to the development of the professionals of the ‘Mejor Niñez’ Service. Undoubtedly, care for children is a country debt and, even more so, care from specialized services for children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities and other developmental conditions”, said Marcela Tenorio.

“We hope to convey our passion for service based on the full recognition of rights and thus move towards a country where girls, boys and adolescents can grow up in peace”, explained our alternate director.

This is an important contribution of scientific research so that professionals in the areas of disability have at their disposal all the necessary tools to carry out their work.