MICARE and Lawyers’ Association sign agreement to promote access to justice for people with disabilities

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By Natalia Correa.

To develop studies and public policies that promote access to justice for people with disabilities, the Millennium Institute for Care Research (MICARE) and the Chilean Lawyers’ Association (Colegio de Abogados de Chile) signed a cooperation agreement that will last for two years.

MICARE will provide all the scientific knowledge gathered so far, as well as experience in research, communication and political incidence.

For its part, the Lawyers’ Association will execute projects that promote access to justice for persons with disabilities.

“This agreement allows us to move towards training and research on issues of adapted justice. People with disabilities, and especially those with intellectual disabilities and other developmental conditions, require support to participate in equal conditions in all public spaces, with access to justice as a priority area and, until now, little taken care of”, says our alternate director Marcela Tenorio, professor at the Universidad de los Andes School of Psychology.