MICARE launches a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of care research

Foto de las manos de una mujer escribiendo sobre hojas con datos y gráficos

By Natalia Correa.

At the Millennium Institute for Care Research (MICARE) we are haooy to announce a new campaign called “micare_datos”, which includes content on our social media to highlight and promote scientific research on issues of older people, care and disability.

Every Monday, we will promote important data and results obtained from studies carried out in our areas of interest. This is to demonstrate the progress that has already been made in these areas but also to encourage more and better care research in Chile and Latin America.

Some data you will be able to see (with images in Spanish):

65% of older people live with fear of falling.

Reference: Araya A., Iriarte E. (2021) “Fear of falling among community-dwelling sedentary and active older people”.

Globally, women spend 3.2 times more time than men in unpaid care work.

Reference: OIT (2018). “Care work and care job. For the future of decent work”.

Life expectancy is shortened by 18 years in autistic people.

Reference: Hirvikoski et al (2016). ‘Premature mortality in autism spectrum disorder’. British Journal of Psychiatry.

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