We opened the “MICARE room” at Universidad de los Andes

Foto de distintas personas de pie y usando mascarillas, al interior de una oficina, conversando entre ellas.

By Gabriela Campillo F.

We are glad to announce that MICARE has a room at Universidad de los Andes, for the Institute’s researchers belonging to that university.

The opening was attended by Marcela Tenorio, alternate director of MICARE and professor at the UANDES School of Psychology; José Miguel Simian, Academic and Research Vice-Provost; Carmen Luz Casanueva, Academic Secretary at UANDES School of Psychology; Javier Enrione, Doctorate and Researcher Director; among other authorities and professors of the university.

This space adds to our office at the República Campus of Universidad Andrés Bello, as a new place to enhance our research around care.

See some photos of the opening: