Internet Addiction of Older Women and Its Relationship With Social Influence


This article was published by our postdoctoral researcher Javiera Rosell, with George W. Leeson and Alvaro Vergés.

Its aim was to analyse the relationship between social influence for Internet use and Internet addiction (IA) in older women, considering the use of Internet-based social networks as a mediator.

The participants were 480 older women Internet users. Social influence, frequency of use of social networks and IA (including loss of control and emotional dysregulation) were evaluated.

Main findings:

Older women with more social influence reported more frequency of social networking and, in turn, more loss of control in Internet use.

The paper concludes that public policy and clinicians should address addictive behaviours about Internet use in older women, preventing its negative consequences.

Foto de una mujer mayor sosteniendo un teléfono móvil