Juan Pablo Robledo presented at an international conference on intellectual disabilities

Juan Pablo Robledo, young researcher at MICARE and an associate professor at the University of Lorraine, represented our Institute at the conference “Down Syndrome around the World”, within the framework of the annual conference of the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities” (IASSIDD).

His presentation, titled “Systematic comparison of the impact of father- and mother-child interactions on the development of adaptive behavior in children with Down syndrome and with typical development”, is the fruit of the joint work of a group of research assistants and the associate researchers of MICARE and academic UANDES, Paulina Arango and Marcela Tenorio (alternate director of MICARE).

“The shared data and analysis revealed the importance of playing with dads (and not just moms) in the adaptive development of their children, especially those with Down syndrome. Studies such as these call for a more detailed study of the role of maternal directivity in the game”, Juan Pablo Robledo said.