MICARE researchers presented at REDESAM conference

Foto de una enfermera tomándole la mano a una persona mayor.

By Cristóbal Venegas.

On November 17th and 18th, the city of Viña del Mar became the venue for the VIII National Conference and the II International REDESAM Conference.

The acronym “REDESAM” translates into “Nursing Network in the Health of the Elderly”, an international entity that seeks to form links and cooperation between nurses from different territories.

Three of our MICARE researchers had the opportunity to present at the encounter, which occurred at the Viña campus of Santo Tomás University.

Foto de Alejandra Araya presentando sobre el Instituto Milenio para la Investigación del Cuidado en la Jornada REDESAM.
Alejandra Araya was one of the speakers at the beginning of the conference.

Alejandra Araya (associated MICARE researcher and UNAB Nursing academic), presented at the beginning of the conference about the work of MICARE, in her presentation titled “Challenges for care”.

Fotografía de tres mujeres sonriendo de pie en una conferencia.
At the center is Claudia Miranda, MICARE director, next to Jacqueline Flores of Universidad Católica del Norte, and Carolina Santander Veragua, from the Older Persons Program of Valparaíso SEREMI.

Claudia Miranda, director of MICARE, UNAB Nursing professor and MIDAP researcher, presented on care in her paper “Update on psychosocial research in people with dementia and their informal caregivers”.

Foto de Beatriz exponiendo en un podio en la Universidad Santo Tomás
Beatriz Carrasco presented her research as part of FONDECYT Regular N°1220936.

Finally, Beatriz Carrasco, MICARE’s doctoral student, spoke on “Loneliness and social isolation: mediation between multimorbidity and frailty.”

If you want to know more about REDESAM’s Chilean subsidiary, we invite you to visit this link: