MICARE researchers visit Puerto Natales for the Congress of the Scientific Society of Psychology of Chile

Foto de las investigadoras MICARE Paulina Arango y Marcela Tenorio con integrantes del directorio de la Sociedad Científica de Psicología de Chile en Puerto Natales.

Photo by Andrés Aparicio: From left to right, Paulina Arango, Rodrigo Cárcamo, Nerea Aldunta, Marcela Tenorio, Alvaro Vergés and Manuel Ortiz.

By Cristobal Venegas.

Marcela Tenorio, alternate director of MICARE and academic of Psychology at the Universidad de los Andes, traveled to Puerto Natales with MICARE associate researchers Andrés Aparicio and Paulina Arango, UANDES academic, as part of the VIII Congress of the Scientific Society of Psychology of Chile.

The event took place on November 17 and 18 at the University of Magallanes.

Foto de Paulina Arango exponiendo en el congreso de Psicología en Puerto Natales.
Paulina Arango, associate researcher at MICARE.

Paulina Arango and Marcela Tenorio presented their study: “The challenges imposed by the care and accompaniment of people with intellectual disabilities: Evidence of the viability and effectiveness of a manualized training program for caregivers.”

Foto de Marcela Tenorio exponiendo en el Congreso de Psicología en Puerto Natales.
Marcela Tenorio, MICARE alternate director.

In addition, Marcela also spoke about parenting and down syndrome with a presentation entitled “Responsiveness and directness in fathers and mothers as a predictor of cognitive development and adaptive behaviors in infants with Down syndrome.”

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