Towards healthy ageing in China: shaping person-centred long-term care


Article co-authored by Déborah Oliveira (MICARE young researcher), together with Anne Margriet Pot and Jaco Hoffman.

It was published in November 2022 in The Lancet, a long-running, weekly-published medical and academic journal founded in England. It has editorial offices in London, New York and Beijing.

The article refers to “The Path to Healthy Aging in China: A Peking University–Lancet Commission” a Chinese report published as an initiative to improve the lives of millions of older people living in the country, which is part of the Decade of Aging UN Healthy 2021-2030. This article makes an analysis of that report, maintaining a critical reading from the importance of care.

Main conclusions:

Although the areas covered by the Chinese report (economic burden, development of health services, control of chronic diseases) are of great relevance for the well-being of people over 60 years of age, there is a need for greater attention to long-term care for the elderly (LTC), in order to give them greater sustainability and equality of conditions.

It also mentions the inclusion of older people who have a substantial continuous loss of physical or mental capacities.

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