Andrés Aparicio receives UC Award for Doctoral Thesis Excellence in Arts and Humanities

Foto de Andrés Aparicio sosteniendo el premio junto a las autoridades de la UC y otros investigadores premiados.

By Gabriela Campillo.

On December 7, the diploma delivery ceremony for the Academic Degree of Doctor and Doctoral Medal 2022 was held at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

The activity was attended by UC Rector Ignacio Sánchez and was organized by the Graduate School of the same university.

On this occasion, our MICARE associate researcher, Andrés Aparicio, received the UC Doctoral Thesis Excellence Award in Arts and Humanities, highlighting the quality of his research project.

Foto de Andrés dando su discurso en la testera del Aula Magna UC.

“Building knowledge implies integrating different positions, working with different methods and embracing diversity to explore complex phenomena. We need to approach it from multiple perspectives, to include as many positions as possible“.

Andrés Aparicio said in his speech to the community of UC graduates.

You can see and/or listen to Andrés Aparicio’s speech in the following video, as well as the complete award ceremony: