Article by Francisca Ortiz, MICARE postdoctoral researcher.

The research makes a literature review on the application, determination and conclusions of the “mixed methods” of investigation and the “mixed methods for the analysis of social networks”.

The author postulates that the methodological decisions made, directly influence the results and conclusions; resulting in public policies and innovations of a private nature. The author believes that the proliferation of these methods has been on the rise in recent years, without necessarily understanding a reflection at the time of their use.

Main conclusions:

The author suggests that, in order to promote creativity and innovation in a methodological sense, it is necessary to remember and recognize the ideas of “systematicity” and “spectrum” as a basis for these studies.

Thus, this observation can become a tool to promote and challenge further research from this framework.

Foto de una ciudad sobre la que hay íconos de redes y conexiones.