We have a new agreement!

Karina Gómez Galvez (Fondo Esperanza), Mariane Krause (decana Trabajo Social UC), Claudia Miranda (directora MICARE), Javiera Gutiérrez (directora ejecutiva MICARE), María Alejandra Inostroza (MICARE y Profesora UC) y Mario Pavón (gerente general Fondo Esperanza) posando con plantas entregadas en señal de buena voluntad

Last Wednesday, March 22nd, we signed a new agreement with Fondo Esperanza, This will open new and better opportunities for us to be able to help caregivers who must also develop an undertaking and turn into entrepreneurs. It will also allow us to reach new places in Chile and thus get closer to understand and learn more about their lives and needs.

The signing event was attended by the General Manager of Fondo Esperanza, Mario Pavón, the Social and Commercial Manager of the same, Karina Gómez Gálvez, the dean of the Faculty of Social Work UC, Mariane Krause, and our director Claudia Miranda.

In the speeches the authorities spoke about the importance of this agreement to give balance to the lifes of women who see their sources of income diminished by the obligation to assume the task of caregiving, the relevance of care in today’s societies, and the force that gender studies have adopted in the social sciences.

Finally, the authorities exchanged plants as a sign of good will and as a representation that any joint work that receives propper love and dedication, can grow and bear fruit for many years.