Great visit of Dolors Comas to Chile

Beatriz Fernández (investigadora asociada MICARE), Paola Reyes (Presidenta Fundación Kuidadores de la Familia CAM), Rosario Olivares (Municipalidad de Santiago), Olga Segovia Marín (investigadora SUR Corporación), Herminia Gonzalves (Investigadora joven MICARE) y Dolors Comas posando y sonriendo frente a estandartes de MICARE y la Universidad Católica.
Dolors Comas during her intervention at the seminar

The outstanding researcher and promoter of Catalan public policies, Dolors Comas, was until recently in Chile invited by MICARE. In our country, she held multiple meetings with authorities and academics. She was also at the seminar “Care, the elderly and interdependence: political and social challenges” at the Catholic University.
At the seminar, Dr. Comas spoke about the gender division in care that ends up harming women. She also spoke about the impact of covid and the lockdown on caregivers and cared-for people. She also detailed the ways in which public policies are being implemented in various parts of Europe and how their future is envisioned.

Olga Segovia Marín, researcher at SUR Corporación, Paola Reyes Franco, president of Fundación Kuidadoras de la Familia CAM, and Rosario Olivares, from the Municipality of Santiago, also participated in this event. The exhibitors at the end had time to answer questions from the public.
During her stay in Chile, the Spanish researcher also shared experiences with researchers and experienced experts, academics, and caregivers from various sectors of Santiago, and she had a stay in the city of Arica, where she was able to further expand the network of she.

She reviews the video of the conference “Care, the elderly and interdependence: political and social challenges” here