Tom Shakespeare, english expert on disability and bioethics, visited Chile with NúcleoDisca

Tom Shakespeare saludando a Otto, el perro guía de la directora del Núcleo Disca, Florencia Herrera.

Sir Tom Shakespare is fifty-six years old and has had achondroplasia and a wheelchair
for as long as he can remember. This is part of what has motivated him to study
sociology and specialize in research on disability, bioethics and genetics. With a PhD in
sociology from King’s College University, Tom has a degree in political science, has
done research for the World Health Organization, is a member of the British Academy
and Works as a university professor.

Last week he visited Chile as part of the inauguration of the study center “Núcleo
DISCA”, which belongs to the ANID Millennium Program together with MICARE. At the
event, Tom gave a master class entitled “Disability and Citizenship”, where he talked
about the value of disability research in countries like Chile. He also spoke about
building a society that empowers everyone, regardless of their limitations. The activity
had a live broadcast, as well as simultaneous translation into English-Spanish and sign
“I don’t think that only people with disabilities can do research in this area”, Tom said
towards the end of his talk at Universidad Diego Portales, “but what is important is
that there are more people with disabilities who can do research in this subject.
Experienced experts; that the non-disabled talk with the disabled. More intentions,
more teachers, more research. This really can cause a big change.”

Tom also had the chance to participate in other activities during his visit, such as
attending the radio program “Hoy en el Mundo” with journalist Paula Molina, from
“Radio Cooperativa”. He also met with researchers from “Núcleo DISCA”, who will
work on sexuality, political participation, access to health and the challenges of
research on disability. There they were able to define guidelines together with the
expert, who is now part of the DISCA team as a senior researcher.
You can re-visit his class at the following link.