Amanoz Foundation are our new partner

Beatriz Urrutia, Diana León y Montserrat Baranda (Amanoz) y Claudia Miranda y Javiera Gutiérrez (MICARE) posan tras la firma del acuerdo.

Yesterday at MICARE we signed a new agreement with the Amanoz Foundation. They work with a network of volunteers to ensure the accompaniment of older people. With this signature, both institutions agreed to work together in terms of publicity, spread of informations and also on research development.

At the end of the event, the director of MICARE, Claudia Miranda, commented: “We are very happy with this agreement because it will allow us new forms of collaboration to generate knowledge from and for the people who are cared for and those who care. With Fundación Amanoz we have known each other for a long time and it is a great pride to be able to establish formal ties because they do a great job on aging issues”.

MICARE adds a new alliance to its network of institutions. We hope this will continue to grow and be a contribution to all the people who inhabit care in our country.