Our conversatory “Mayor y Mejor” got to the hearts of the people of Peñalolén

Asistentes del evento Mayor y Mejor en la comuna de Peñalolén saludan a la cámara con los brazos en alto

Our partnership with the Center for Geroscience, Mental Health and Metabolism (Gero) continues to prove itself very fruitful. On this occasion, it was the residents of the Peñalolén quarter who enjoyed the “Mayor y Mejor” discussion at the Chimkowe cultural center dedicated to self-care and active life for the elderly.

Our researcher Antonia Echeverría, occupational therapist from the Universidad de los Andes, was in charge of representing MICARE in front of more than 60 attendees. There they got to know the academic’s work and learned some techniques that can help to have a better quality of life and get the most out of significant day-to-day activities.

Michelle Demanet and José Lema also spoke at the event. They presented lectures about self-care during the ageing process and cognition care, respectively. Both proposed ideas that were pleasantly received by the public, such as Demanet’s definition and clarification of what pathological ageing is. The notion presented by Lema about the distinction that must be made between lack of memory and lack of attention resulted also very interesting and can be useful in very different medical and social approaches.