Formal long term care during COVID-19 in Chile


Article by Alejandra-Ximena Araya MICARE investigator, Josefa Palacios, Francisca Oyanedel y Evelyn Iriarte MICARE investigator

The current study aimed to identify the main challenges to formal caregivers from different long-term care facilities (LTCFs) that care for older adults aged ≥60 years in Chile during the coronavirus pandemic. Chile’s national LTCF governing body (SENAMA) sent a survey to 1,190 LTCFs, receiving 996 responses. LTCF characteristics were number of residents, certification with SENAMA, licensure, geographic zone, and poverty level. Four dimensions were assessed: (a) concerns, (b) challenges, (c) needs, and (d) opportunities for improvement. The majority of respondents replied negatively to these four dimensions. Among those who responded positively, the fear of infecting a loved one, staff shortages and overwork, the need for access to psychological support, and improving payments were among formal caregivers’ primary concerns. Targeting supportive interventions for formal caregivers, clinically and psychologically, is essential to preserve caregivers’ health.


Gráfica que muestra representaciones en 3D del virus del COVID-19 y al centro está escrito COVID-19 con medicamentos.