This project is directed by Izaskun Álvarez-Aguado, a young researcher from MICARE’s Line 3, and as Alternate Director, Maryam Farhang, a young researcher from Line 2. The research team also includes our associate researcher Vanessa Vega and adjunct researcher Miguel Rosello, both from Line 3. Additionally, MICARE is one of the associated institutions of this project.

Its main objective is to develop an accessible and user-friendly technological system, focused on supporting and increasing the autonomy of individuals with mild to moderate dementia in performing daily activities within their home. This system supplements or complements the functions of the primary caregiver to improve their perceived burden associated with their role. Specifically, the project proposes the refinement and validation of LECTOGRAM, a system that aids in the independent completion of household tasks. It is comprised of pictograms (or pictographic language) representing basic and instrumental activities of daily life. When scanned using a portable electronic device, these pictograms emit auditory instructions detailing the actions that the person with dementia should undertake to successfully complete the activity.