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Spokespersons' Office
For the rights of people with disabilities
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We are the Millennium Institute for Care Research, MICARE.

Funded by the National Agency for Research and Development (ANID) since December 2020 and housed in three Chilean universities: Universidad Andrés Bello, Universidad de los Andes, and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso.

We are a young and enthusiastic team of researchers from Chile and abroad who are concerned about and interested in improving the lives of three especially vulnerable groups in Latin American societies: dependent elderly people, people with intellectual
and developmental disabilities, and their carers

Our team includes as co-researchers people who have become experts through experience, but in
addition to that, we seek to bring their voice to all the decisions we make. 


A value that we hold close because we face problems that often seem to have no solution.


Both within our team and with other people. We love to engage in honest relationships.


We value all forms of human expression and behavior. All people are equal in rights and duties.


We enjoy a job well done—done responsibly, with a sense of duty, but without losing sight of the human side of life.


We like adventures, we enjoy new proposals, we suffer failures, and we are always ready to move forward.

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We’ve got a visitor! Analysts from Milenio came to visit MICARE

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Podcast "Caring"

On this podcast, you will find conversations in Spanish and in English between our MICARE postdoctoral researchers and people from academia, national and international organisations, NGOs or other institutions that work in care.