Longitudinal study

At MICARE, we are carrying out the first Longitudinal Study on carers of dependent elderly people and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in Chile.

We will interview carers in Chile on three occasions. This study is a pioneer in Latin America and will provide unprecedented information on care trajectories and the characteristics of the care phenomenon.


a. To identify trajectories of well-being and quality of life in family of people with IDD and dependent elderly people.

b. To determine the profiles of family carers/companions who are more vulnerable to present trajectories with low well-being and quality of life.

c. To identify the factors of the person cared for, the family carer/companion and the context, which act as predictors of greater well-being and better quality of life in the trajectories of family carers/companions of dependent elderly people and people with IDD. 

Methodological Documents

Download the database here: