MICARE Projects Network

Careful interactions

Parents and girl with Down syndrome.

Careful Interactions includes three innovative projects around Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities, with MICARE researchers:

  • FONDECYT N°1221400 “Paving the road to autonomy: an interdisciplinary approach to the relationship between early interactions and adaptive behaviours in babies with Down syndrome” led by Marcela Tenorio, alternate director of MICARE.
  • FONDECYT N°1221349 “Raising children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities and challenging behaviours: Mixed methods study”, led by Paulina Arango, associate researcher at MICARE.
  • ANID Project “Informal caregivers and learning of adolescents with Down syndrome”, led by Juan Pablo Robledo, postdoctoral researcher at MICARE.


Depressive and anxious symptomatology in family caregivers

Foto de una mujer mayor siendo abrazada por una mujer de mediana edad.

Demographic ageing is a worldwide phenomenon that generates a rise in the prevalence of dementia. Consequently, the number of relatives providing care is also increasing.

Through surveying 250 caregivers over a period of three years, this FONDECYT n°1191726 project, led by Claudia Miranda, director of MICARE, aims to explain the trajectories and predictors of depressive and anxious symptoms over time in family caregiver of people with dementia.

The specific objectives are:

  1. To identify trajectories of depressive and anxious symptomatology in family caregiver of people with dementia.
  2. To determine the profile(s) of family caregiver who are more vulnerable to present trajectories with increasing levels of depressive and/or anxious symptomatology.
  3. To identify the factors of the person with dementia, the family caregiver and the context that act as predictors of depressive/anxious symptomatology in the trajectories of family caregivers of people with dementia.