Beatriz Fernández: “There is still a certain stereotyping of old age in Chile”

Fotografía de María Beatriz Fernández sonriendo

In this article published by Universidad Católica, our research associate, María Beatriz Fernández, refers to the image of old age and the situation of elderly people in our country. Adapted by Gabriela Campillo. Read the full article published by UC here. The pandemic has exposed the diverse realities of elderly people in Chile. What do […]

We presented on Easy-to-Read at the Constitutional Convention

Foto de Marcela Tenorio y Ricardo Pizarro en el hemiciclo del Senado del Excongreso Nacional, exponiendo en la Convención Constitucional.

Do you know what Easy-to-Read is? Why should the new Constitution consider this methodology? We spoke about this at the Constitutional Convention, with the voices of Ricardo Pizarro, MICARE spokesperson and representative of the ASD community, and our alternate director, Marcela Tenorio. By Gabriela Campillo. What is Easy-to-Read? Easy-to-Read is an international-standard methodology from European […]